Custom Orders

Due to the stocking of specific materials for said project and time/ labor involved, all cancelled custom orders for fabricated parts will have a 35% restocking fee.


All custom invoices sent out for package deals or bulk orders must be paid in full within 24 hours or invoice will be cancelled.


All repairs or custom modifications dropped off at Streetorstrip Concept must be picked up as soon as completed. Storage fees will be applied after 3 days at $10.00 a day. Upon reaching 30 days, parts will no longer be held and offered for sale to any potential buyer. If parts are not disassembled, Streetorstrip Concept will disassemble at a rate of $80 per hour and will not be held accountable for broken, damaged, or missing pieces. All plastic, rubber, brass, or moving parts must be removed prior to drop off.


You authorize Streetorstrip Concept to perform the above repairs and/ or modifications. You understand any cost quoted is an estimate only. Streetorstrip Concept employees have permission to operate the vehicle for inspection, testing and/ or delivery at your risk. You attest that the vehicle is fully insured. You understand that aged and worn parts may be damaged during disassembly, and Streetorstrip Concept is not liable for these occurrences. You release Streetorstrip Concept from any responsibility for loss, damage and articles left inside the vehicle in case of fire, theft, or any cause beyond our control. You agree that Streetorstrip Concept has the express lien on the above vehicle for the exchange of parts, materials, and labor furnished under this form. If your vehicle is unclaimed for more than 15 days after completion, you agree to pay a storage fee of $25.00 per day. In the event of failure to pay when charges are due, you agree to pay, in addition to repair and storage charges, normal shop rate for the time spent in collection efforts, plus any reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs and/ or actual costs incurred in collection.


Streetorstrip Concept offers a 5 year warranty on fabrication parts and labor, granted to the titled owner of the vehicle at the time the work was completed by Streetorstrip Concept and cannot be transferred. All repairs are to be performed by Streetorstrip Concept. Warranty only applies to normal wear and tear on fabricated parts. If these conditions are not met, the warranty is void. Manufacturer warranty will be honored for defective parts only; manufacturer terms and conditions apply. Streetorstrip Concept assumes no liability or guarantee for any parts provided by the customer and installed by Streetorstrip Concept. All custom products and services sold by Streetorstrip Concept are sold with no guarantee to performance for any particular purpose.

Streetorstrip Concept parts are intended for off road use only, unless stated otherwise.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: Closed